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Behind the scenes film Henri with Eric Roberts 

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Film Devil's 5 

I wanted to share with you guys this, which is a video while filming "Henri" with the one and only Eric Roberts ..:) I was his girlfriend Maria- this is a scene where i am fun fact is that there was a horrible storm going on and we shot this in minutes. while mother nature took a break.. Director Octavian Onuc worked his magic turning the set into a sunny day through the magic of flawless lighting <3 
Like our page here! / CREW:- Just for that scene: Eric Roberts, Jerry Sommer, Alex Zuko, Carl Rimi, Stacey Steele (Photographer) Xavier Xia Wei Luo, Diana Noris ,Tina Pfeiffer, Cliff (DP), Steven D Mairano 
Directors: Octavian O.
Screenwriter: Octavian O.
Genre: Action / Drama
Starring: Eli Jeffrey Zen Eric Roberts Robert Lasardo

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