Diana Noris

Stats 5'7  Size 5

Degree BA Fine Arts, FIT NYC

Stella Adler NYC 


Willing to travel


English - Spanish with no accent 


Private info -Available upon request.

Diana Noris

Reel 2020

Diana Noris
Diana Noris


Scarlett and the mobster- Suzanne Linehan Sweeney Pre-production (2018)

Jade- Allison Schaufer- Mathiew Palmer Productions Pre Production (2018)

A murderer upstairs- Mary - Director Jem Garrard - Cover Productions - Vancouver (2017)

La vida en Negro- Lisa Peronni- Director Arturo de la O- Madrid Films productions (2017)

New York is dead -TV series Debbie - Director Randy Harrison-Better work Productions NYC (2016) 

The Rack pack- Mrs. Jenkins- Director Thomas Churchill- North Carolina (2017)

Hiatus- Stella- Director Peter Bergmann-DC & West Virginia (2017)

Henri- Maria- Director Octavian Onuc - FL- (2017)

Franticly yours- Penelope -Director Arturo de la O- NYC Widestar Productions (2017)

Mary- Sasha Cooper- Director Charlie Ivon Maisonet - Tremolous Productions. FL. (2017)

Blood & Iron -Frankie  Director Thomas Churchill Los Angeles (2017)  

Devil's 5 -Vala Schneider -Directed by Terry Wickham - Mantray Productions (2017)

Love Deepens- Stephania DiMora - Director Giuseppe Daglia-Florence, Italy Firezza Productions (2017)

Adoptable- Tamara Kiggens- Director Monty Miranda- Scolo Productions -Los Angeles (2016)

Sangre Negra - Countess Natal -Los Angeles- Pinnock Productions (2016) 

A little something to remember you by -  Minerva - Completed Underlab studios (2016)

XXistence - Adriana - New York,  Taino productions-  Director Emilio Rosa (2016)

Don Juan Ponce de Leon: The True Discovery Of Florida -Juana Jimenez- Taino Productions (2016)

The Familia - La Violeta-  NYC  Director Emilo Rosa- Noel Torres - Taino productions  (2016)

One minute horror - Anabelle- Director Shane Leary- Crypt TV - Dread Central - (2015)

Gravy - Francheska Rivera  Underlab Studios - Director Jonathan Vinazza (2015) 

Ballers- HBO- Football player wife- HBO  poduction Director Peter Berg (2016) 

Roller Dolls - Shannon Diamond - Castle Production- Director Phebus Castle (2014)

Por el Corazon – Lorena -Tuscany - Director Mark Steven Grove (2013)

One Moment-series  Dotty- Director  Melia Morgan (2013) Melia  Productions

Repulsive – Alexandria Lead Director -  Agatino Zurria - . Aztec Productions. (2013)

The Ticket Box – Sofia - Directed by Alina A.-  Bay Calf Productions (2013) 

Runner Runner –Dectective Sandra Leon  Puerto Rico - DirectorBrad Furman (2012) 

Krissy Belle – Celina- Director Alyn Darnay (2013)

Pain and Gain -Gym Owner Director Michael Bay Post-Production -(2012)

Holiday Spin –Wife –  Director Jonathan A. Rosenbaum (2012)

Cuentos sin Hadas - Ana -Director Sergio Briones -Briones Brothers Productions (2012)

Rogue Space: The Adventures of Saber Raine –Louise Director Mark Steven Grove (2012)

End of Watch – Maria Cop-  Director David Ayer (2011)

Caught in the Middle- Dianna Director: Talina Adamo  Black Onyx productions (2011)

The Client List – Deidra”Games People Play "Massage Therapist Director Eric Laneuville (2012)
Split – Susana Martinez - Director Jonathan Vinazza - Underlab Studios  (2011)

Butterfly Warning – Art Gallery Owner - Director Mark R. Indelible Works (2011) 

Iron Sky- Katrina Director Timo Vuorensola (2011)

La Noche Anuncia la Aurora –Leonor –Director Gerard Uzcategui (2011)

The Adventures of Sam Savage- Calamity  Director Sean Kennedy Hill  Cliffhanger Prod. (2011)

Panam TV Series ABC – Flight Att. Estefania Episode 4 Director Andrew Bernstein (2011)

Quantum Savior- Dr. Gloria Velen  - Underlab Studios Director Jonathan Vinazza (2011)

Hit and Run History: The Columbia Expedition Summer Shorts - Adriana – Andrew Buckley (2011)

The Rum diary- Ana Ramirez Director Bruce Robinson (2011)

From Bench with Love-  Susana Director  Aris Kaplanidis

Cuentos Sin Hadas- Lesbian (2011) Director Sergio Briones (2011) 

Until the End – Lifetime Network Production Director  Lucia DeLafant (2011)

Arrebatados, Recordando a Ivan Zuleta Documentary Di- (2010)

Lead me on – Andrea Perez  Lifetime Network Directr Anga Leoni (2010)

Deadly Honeymoon- Maya  – Director  Paul Shapiro (2010)

Skum Rocks ,Rock Star girlfriend/ Documentary Narrated by Alice Cooper Director  Hart Baur(2010)

The Takers (Extra) –Director  John Luessenhop (2010)

Cuento de Amor y hadas Lesbian -  Director Roberto Canales (2007)

Shackles – Blanca Director  Charles Winker (2005)

Outrage – Ana Smith Director Morrie Ruvinsky (2003)

Bad Boys 2 Extra – Thief/Bad Girl Director Michael Bay (2003)

Coralito tiene dos maridos – Sofia Director Vicente Castro(1999)

Something About Mary Architect  Director Frank Beddor (1998)





Mi mujer es el plomero-(Lucy) Sepr 5, 6,7 2014 an Dec 2015 Teatro Bellas Artes Miami 

Skitsations _ Comedy Director- (2011)Paul Lawerence

Llegue a los 50 y sin Viagra – (2011) Pippo Molina






CNN Artistas Interview 2016 

El Show de Oscar Haza- Interview Sept 2014

AQP America Teve Sept 2014

TeVeo-Informate con Gigi - 2015

CNN – Espanol Notimujer Feb., March, July (2012-2013-2014)

Panam TV Series ABC Guest Appearance (2011)

Esta Noche Tu Night Mega TV Interview (2011)

Arrebatados America TeVe  (2010-2012-2013-2014)

Jetsetting W4CY Host (2010)

Pellizcame que estoy sonando. America Teve Miami (2011)

Anda Pal’ Cara Telemundo PR (2009)

Fanatstico Telemundo ,PR (2000)

No te Duermas Telemundo ,PR (1999)

As the world turns Guest  CBS (2000)

Girls Next Door E Channel (2009)

1 vs 100 Spokesmodel Spike TV (2008) Fox Sports (2007)

Bunny Talk Now Live (2008-2010)

El Show de Cristina Univision (2009)

FTV Fashion Review FTV Net. (2004-2006)

Sabado Gigante Univision (2007)

Lente Loco Spokesmodel Univision (2001)

Al Rojo Vivo Telemundo Int. Miami FL (2006)

Playmate Diaries App. Playboy TV (2004)

Escandalo TV App. Telefutura Miami FL

Manswers Spokesmodel Spike TV (2000)

Telefutura “Escandalo TV “(2010-2011)

Spike TV “The Man Show” (2001)

Wapa TVE El Show del Mediodia P.R (2005)





Salvaje (2015)  Argentina 

Coralito tiene dos maridos (1999)

La passion de Susana , Estela /Papel principal ,Argentina (1994)

Noche Roja / Lydia , Dominican Republic (2007)

Coralito / Maria (1983)

Amame /Nina , Puerto Rico (1986)

Tiempo de vivir, Puerto Rico (1981)

La sombra de Belinda, Puerto Rico (1980)





Burt Reinolds Institute Brift (2012-2013) Coach

Ika Santamaria (2013)Coach

Stewart Solomon (2012- Present)

Gerald Owens- Improv (2012)

Raul Izagurre Private Coach (2011)

Stella Adler Studio of Acting, New York (2001)

Private acting training – Coach Steven Anderson and Flor Nunez (2009)

Dance Training –Ballets of San Juan PR (1975-2000)

Dance Training – Miami City Ballet (2002-2003)

Dance Training - Vic D More Studio of Dance NYC(2006)

Bachelors Degree – Fine Arts , Fashion Institute of Technology NYC (2000)





Winner of the Florence Press Asso. Acting Recognition for "Love Deepens" April 2016

Winner of the United Third Bridge Film Society Award January 2016

Winner of Top Women in Fashion Miami 2012

Winner of Best Acting and best Film at 48 hrs Film Festival Miami “Split”

Winner of Best Acting at 48 hrs Flm Festival Miami for “Quantum Savior” (2011

Winner Women in the Arts 2012 Entrepreneurial Icon Award 

Winner Women in the Arts 2011 Entrepreneurial Excellence 




Training & Workshops 

Soap Operas . Novelas


The Confession

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