Acting Reel Short Version

Clips from some films. 

Devil's Five Film 

Trailer - Teaser

One Moment 

Clip from the TV series.

Press Tour 

Clips from recent press and imterviews 

Strange Flesh

Scene from the Film.

Mi mujer es el plomero 

Spanish theatre in Miami. Short clips from the play.

Cuentos sin Hadas 

Beggining of the film featuring a few scenes witht the actress. 


Teaser from the trilogy. Currently in pre production.

Sangre Negra 

Trailer from the TV Series 

Sangre Negra 

Behind the scenes 

Commercial Reel 

Some press, commercial and clips from past films.


Teaser / Trailer 


Short Film 

Krissy Belle

Clip from the TV series

Indoor vs Outdoor cats 

Comedy - Skit 

Press Tour 

Clips from Interviews. 

Gravy Short Film 


Devil's 5

Behind the scenes. 

The Confession

Short Film 

Demons by DM Larson

Taped audition 

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